Rug Trade-in or Trade-up

Not so long ago, most fine hand knotted oriental rugs were acquired for a life-time use and were even passed on to future generations but things have changed – most people don't find the old style traditional rugs appealing. If you are down-sizing or moving or a rug does not fit your décor any longer, Oriental Designer Rugs will work with you for a trade-in of your old rug. A word of caution: Because the old style traditional rugs are difficult to resell, the price you may expect to get could be lower than what you paid originally and, in some cases, where the rug is average or is nothing special, it could be substantially less. We also accept rugs on consignment if we feel we can possibly sell them sooner or later.

You don't have to immediately bring in the rug/s that you wish to trade-in. Simply, email us ([email protected]) the following and we shall get back to you as soon as possible (separate emails if multiple rugs are involved):

1. Frontal picture of the rug showing at least half of the rug.

2. Close-up picture of about 1' x 1' corner of the rug from the back side, preferably with a ruler placed on it parallel to either length or width side of the rug for us to estimate the knot count.

3. Size of the rug, as exact as possible, excluding the fringes.

4. Send as much info as possible like when & where it was bought (photo of any tag, etc.), for how much (photo of invoice or previous appraisal), country it was made in, whether it is hand-knotted or machine-made, if it's pile material is wool or silk or synthetic, its current condition - Soiled, stained, repaired or damaged, etc., etc.

5. Your contact information, preferably a phone # to discuss/get any additional info we may need.

As a store policy, all traded-in or consigned rug/s would have to be thoroughly cleaned/washed & pessary repairs prior to stocking at customer's cost.

Please check with us for details at (404) 367-0001 or Contact Us .

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